About Us

When we started LAB in 1979, we pooled our mutual experiences and felt a lessor that stuck to the basics could be successful. Lease proposals that were informative, not misleading... documentation that was actually comprehensible... terms of renewal or purchase at lease end that were equitable... all elements that we outline in Beyond the Rate, and were sorely lacking with many or our competitors of the time. Fortunately, most of those companies have been dismantled, bought, sold, or just faded away.

We think you will find LAB refreshingly unique, even in today's market. All our energies are concentrated in the leasing of medical equipment. You will continually deal with the same people at the same place -- people who can make decisions without waiting for a committee meeting to respond quickly to your needs.

Let Leasing Associates of Barrington be your lessor when the next equipment need arises. We will welcome you as a client and show our appreciation all along the way. That is a pledge we have been keeping for a long time.

Jeff McCoy

2016 Specialized Medical Equipment Leasing Brochure
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